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We are human system specialists

A new generation of organizational concepts and work skills is coming not from traditional management/organizational theories but from fields such as game design, neuroscience, and happiness psychology. These fields will drive the creation of new learning paradigms and tools.

We help teams prepare for the future

These disruptive shifts are reshaping the workforce landscape.  We help teams understand what their unique change drivers are and how they relate to their specific team culture and business industry.  Then, we equip teams to leverage their strengths, experience, and collective knowledge to improve relationships, productivity and performance.

With new skills, tools, and mindsets.

Social Intelligence | Systems Thinking | Strategic Alliances | Complex Decision Making | Adaptive Learning |  Creative Capacity | Design Thinking | Empathy  | Self-Organization | Dialogic Mindset 

How are we different?

Don't expect the status quo

Our designs are not off the shelf, you won't find them through a quick internet search.  They don't exist as past projects, there are no precedents.  

We customize every design

We LISTEN, we SHARE, we CREATE with our clients through an onboarding process to identify and develop growth objectives.

Then, we research and bring together the most innovative methods and techniques available.  We IMPLEMENT, FACILITATE and SUPPORT organizational design, learning and development projects.

We give each other, and our clients, 100% of our design capacity.  

Our philosophy

  Education, whether for success or failure, is never finished. Building and sustaining the settings in which individuals can grow and unfold, not 'kept in place' but empowered to become all they can be, is not only the task of parents and teachers, but the basis of management, political leadership and simple friendship.

Mary Catherine Bateson, Composing A Life


Kate Woolhouse

Welcome to ABL (ay-bul) Consulting. ABL, also known as Always be Learning, is at the centre of what we do.

My name is Kate Woolhouse, and I believe in deliberate, purposeful and positive action.  I believe in responsible disruption and reorganization in pursuit  of a better world.  I'm a designer, dreamer, teacher, believer, facilitator, learner, and catalyst of change.  

You can find more information on my educational background, professional experience, published works, speaking events, and testimonials by clicking the button below. 

Our Offerings

Organizational Culture & Health

We help leaders invest consciously and strategically in the human relationships and interactions that underlie traditional roles and task-based work. This process not only helps align individual and organizational values, but also links the day to day tasks to a collective higher purpose.  By creating the conditions for a connected environment, we can unleash human potential, increase team effectiveness, and drive organizational growth.  

Change, Transition & Growth

Change is a constant and central characteristic of today’s modern business climate.  Our approach to change management is to help people develop the skills required to adapt as new issues arise. We leverage research from the fields of organizational psychology and behavioural sciences to design interventions that increase an organization's capacity to become 'good at change'. We focus on mindsets, behaviour, language, and discourse, as areas for individual, team and organizational development.


Human-Centred Design

HCD is a social innovation process that is both people-powered and action-focused.  Its purpose is to create or add value to an existing program, product or service.  Any team, large or small, can benefit from HCD.  The only requirement is a commitment to critical thinking and a solution-seeking attitude.  We design and facilitate the open and creative engagements that generate new ideas and possibilities. Then, using the principles of Design Thinking, your team turns the best ideas into sustainable realities.  

Recent Projects

Education Reform

"I was impressed with her keen listening skills and her ability to probe participants' thinking and inspire them to get out of their comfort zone to produce creative yet practical solutions.  She is insightful and responsive to the needs of participants, yet always focused on the objectives at hand." Liz Falco, participant, NEXTSchools Project 

Social Innovation

"I recently had the pleasure of participating in a Human-Centered Design workshop led by Kate. The workshop was participatory, creative, thought-provoking, and facilitated meaningful connection between participants." Juniper Belshaw, Senior Advisor Talent Dev. and Culture, Cirque du Soleil 

Mergers and Collaboration

"Persistence was a key feature Kate brought to the problem and she did not stop until she had all the information needed to assess the issues, address them and lead the discussion which resulted in a workable solution. Kate’s interpersonal skills were exemplary – far and above average!" Bob Johnson, President, A4


Organizational Psychology

Team Development | Interpersonal Communication | Emotional Intelligence | Leadership Science | Coaching 

Design Thinking

Idea Generation | Interactive Participation | Prototyping | Solution-seeking | Experiential

Complexity Theory

Dynamic Networks | Rapid Change | Self-Organization | Interactionism | Feedback

Open Systems Theory

Ecological Learning | Active Adaptation | Co-determination | Symbiosis | Relationships

Appreciative Inquiry

Strengths | Success | Potential | Vitality | Value 


Decision Making | Motivation | Change | Patterns of Behaviour | Commitment | Engagement 

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